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Individual Membership

ACEEE Membership

The Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE) welcomes all the Engineering Professionals and Technical Engineering Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us. The membership categories include Individual and Institutional. In the Individual member category there are four grades namely Fellow, Senior, Member, Associate Member, and Student.

Fellow Member : The grade of Fellow is conferred on Doctors, Engineers and Scientists and shall be conferred only on invitation of the Mentor Committee of Associate Networks (MCAN) upon a person of distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who has made extraordinary contributions in the medical and engineering field.

Senior Member : The grade of Senior Member is conferred to those who have made significant professional contribution in the relevant fields. Besides the benefits of the regular members, Senior Members are invited to join the different committees of Associated Networks or the Journal Editorial board or Reviewers of the Journals and Conferences. The candidate shall be either:
a. A PhD holder from an accredited educational Institution can directly entered in the grade of Senior Member
b. A Post Graduate and a Member of the ACEEE for 5 years or having a Senior Member grade in any of the association/society recognized by the Mentor Committee of Associate Networks (MCAN).
c. A graduate from a course of study from an accredited educational Institution and a Member of the ACEEE for 10 years or having a Senior Member grade in any of the association/society recognized by the Mentor Committee of Associate Networks.
Generally, a member of the ACEEE having continuous membership of 10 years will be invited for applying to this grade. 

Member : Graduate and/or Postgraduate Doctors and Engineers can join to ACEEE as Members. The grade of Member is a professional grade limited to those who have demonstrated professional competence in their respective fields.

Associate Member : Any Diploma/Degree/Certificate/Technical/ persons can become an Associate Member of ACEEE. The MCAN may however enroll an individual directly as a member if the applicant may have even less qualification but having competent experience.

Student Member: The grade of Student is limited to:
a. Those who passed 10 + 2  academic program and completed the 18 years old can enrolled for a medical or engineering or science or research UG degree course either full time or part time at accredited educational institutions and carrying at least thirty percent of a normal full time academic program.
b. Those who are student members of any technical or scientific Society with interest common to the ACEEE.

Do find the different types of Individual Membership Fee structures. Submit your membership form WORD | PDF along with your payment proofs to membership @ theaceee.org

Institutional members can start ACEEE Chapter only if 7 members (in any category) are attached to the specific institution. » More