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Call for Host

ACEEE is organizing international conferences/workshop around year in the broad and specific category related to Computer Science, Information Technology, Communication, Electronics Engineering, Electrical, Instrumentation and power electronics and etc. Colleges and Universities are welcome to associate with us to host any of our conferences organized by us.


Hosting Conditions

  1. Host institutions shall provide the conference venue at the 3-5 start hotel convention centers.
  2. All the venue audio-visual facilities, refreshments and gadgets’ are arranged.
  3. Volunteers for venue organization and managements.
  4. The entire venue expense is shared between ACEEE and Host institutions in a 50-50 % manner.

Visit the Conference Calendar to match the specific subject, date and place near to you. But if you cannot find our conference in your specific province/country or subject you propose to have one in association with us.

Please send the proposal for the conference or workshop in the host form » WORD | PDF to aceee.chair AT theides.org